How the Jews Deceive

The Jewish powers that be take control of both opposing sides, manipulating both to advance their communist agenda. This has always fooled the public. On the one hand, they claim to be against Christianity. The reason for this is because they known they invented it as a powerful program for the "goyim" so they pretend to hate it and be victims of it. This fools many, as with the deluded "Christian Identity" program. Christianity is and always has been the Jewish bulwark of power and they will do anything and everything to deceive Gentiles regarding this. The most effective tactic has been to promote to the unsuspecting populace that they are enemies of Christianity, that they "killed Christ" and so forth. The so-called "Christ" was Jewish from birth through death; circumsized and named in the Jewish synagogue by a rabbi. For more information, read this link: Jesus: The Jewish Archetype

This is no different than the Vatican openly bashing communism when behind the scenes and under the table, they are working for it. This again fools the unsuspecting public. The entire theme of the Judeo/Christian Bible from beginning to end is one of communist doctrine.

In a professional interrogation room, they have the nice guy and the tough guy who come in and work to get information from the one being interrogated. The tough guy will beat him and threaten him and the nice guy will then come in and act all understanding. Both are working on the same side- same as with the Christian leaders and the top Jews.

Frequently, a show before the public must be staged to reinforce the lie. That "foul religion" the Jews wrote of in the talmud and in the protocols was Satanism/Paganism. They have already destroyed and replaced it with their program of Christianity. The average Jew has an IQ of 135. This is in the top 2% of the population. Many Gentiles underestimate them.

"Christian/s" is their code word for Gentile/s in the protocols and in the talmud. This adds insult to injury. Many Gentiles who do not understand this are deluded into believing because the Jews supposedly want to destroy Christianity, it must in some way have truth and be worthwhile. Nothing could be further from the truth! This just adds to the deception and the fictitious concept that Christianity and Judaism are enemies. The Christian religion has its roots in Judaism. Fools with lesser intelligence try to rationalize and claim these Jewish characters such as the nazarene are not Jewish, but Gentile. This is also because they are under a powerful spell and have little understanding of the occult and fall prey right into the hands of the Jews. One only has to look at biblical scripture and see these Jewish characters for what they are.

All of the Gentile Gods and Goddesses were replaced with fictitous Jewish characters and archetypes, having their original personalities distorted and replaced with Jewish characteristics. It is not the nazarene who is blasphemed in the talmud, but Lucifer. The same as with the Virgin Madonna, it is the "Demoness" Astaroth whom the Jews call a "boshet" which means "slut/whore" in Hebrew. The Hebrew Virgin replaced Astaroth. One only has to study the Jewish Kabbalah to see this is true. In the Talmud, it is written that any Jew who teaches a Gentile the secrets of the Jewish holy books will be put to death. (Sanhedrin 59a) "Hence the Talmud prohibited the teaching to a Gentile of the Torah, "the inheritance of the congregation of Jacob" (Deut. xxxiii. 4). R. Johanan says of one so teaching: "Such a person deserves death" "It is like placing an obstacle before the blind" (Sanh. 59a; Hag. 13a)." The Gentile Gods are relegated to the Jewish "Qlippoth" of death, excrement and degeneration. It is so obvious that it is not the nazarene or the virgin who are being blasphemed, but Satan/Lucifer and Astaroth and other Gentile Gods. "Satan" is the word for "ENEMY" in Hebrew.

The Jews are masters of deception and psychology. One only needs to look to where the money and publicity are at to see what they are behind. What is being pushed on the public? Who has the power? It is easy to see Christianity is a Jewish program when one knows the Jews and their tactics. The problem is- many actually fall for deception and think the Jews are working to destroy Christianity, which is not the case. They invented it, they are behind it and they promote it and 'heaven' forbid the Gentiles whould wake up to this fact! Christianity is a stepping off point to atheism. When one is a total atheist, one is no longer a threat to the Jewish powers that be, as one does not acknowledge the occult or believe in such things and the Jews are free to use these powers unchecked for their nefarious purposes to enslave the world.

Centuries ago, the Gentile Pagan religions such as Druidism were resources of powerful occult knowledge. The Jews used Chrisitanity as their tool to remove this knowledge from the Gentiles and mass murder their priests and spiritual leaders. The "Devil" became synonymous with knowledge and knowledge was supposed to be a "sin" according to the Christian doctrines. The Jews who are known as "people of the book" knew otherwise. In order to maintain rule over slaves, the slaves must be kept ignorant. Spiritual knowledge was forcibly removed from the Gentile populace and replaced with twisted corruptions of Gentile Gods who became Jewish archetypes, Gentile mantras (chants and vocal vibrations to advance the soul and amplify the powers of the mind) were replaced with meaningless robotic prayers, Gentile magickal practices were corrupted- such as the four corners/elements which are the foundation of magick, represented by the equal armed cross were replaced by the Latin cross with the nazarene hanging on it. The nazarene fulfilled several purposes. For one, this fictitious character (the jews know he is fictitious, so it is glaringly obvious they would not devote pages and pages of their talmud to blaspheming *him*) acted as a distraction for the Gentile people. By believing this character "saves" and "died for our sins" there is no need to study or have any knowledge of the occult. The occult can be kept safely in the hands of the Jewish powers that be. Gentiles are taught to "have faith" and not question. Christianity in addition to being a communist doctrine, conditions its followers to take abuse and be slaves. "Turn the other cheek" "Walk the extra mile" and other suicidal advice such as the "Sermon on the Mount" are intended to destroy the Gentile spirit.

Secondly, the nazarene is definitely a Jewish character. He was circumcised and named on the eighth day in the temple by a rabbi, which is Jewish custom (Luke 2:21); his parents celebrated "Passover" and he was bar mitzvahed at 12- Luke 2: 41 Now his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the passover.
42And when he was twelve years old, they went up to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast.
His teachings were Jewish and he observed Jewish law.

"Yeshua not only taught others how to live a Jewish life, He lived it Himself. The outward signs of this were such things as wearing tzitzit (tassles) on His clothing (Luke 8:43, Matt. 14:36, Strong's # 2899) to serve as a reminder of the commandments (Num. 15:37-39). He observed Passover (John 2:13) and went up to Jerusalem (Deut. 16:16). He observed Succot (John 7:2, 10) and went up to Jerusalem (John 7:14). He also observed Hanukah (John 10:22) and probably Rosh haShanah (John 5:1), going up to Jerusalem on both those occasions as well, even though it isn't commanded in the Torah." (See reference at bottom)

This tie to Judaism was very important for this character. The Jews have had an obsession with the return of their "Messiah." When this "messiah" supposedly returns, the Jewish people are then supposed to be united and rule the world.
Now, anyone who has any knowledge of the workings of the mind or so-called "magick" knows the importance of having a connection as in "sympathetic magick." Gentile psychic energy which is very powerful has been loaded into this "Second coming of Christ" through prayer, belief, yearning to put an end to the suffering (very powerful-desire-), heaven on earth and so forth. This creates a gigantic vortex of energy unknowingly directed towards a common goal here. The Christian Gentiles, being stripped of all occult knowledge and power are puppets in the hands of the Jews. The nazarene, being a professional victim, like any other Jew, has a Gentile following that claims the Jews had him "crucified." Now, this further adds to the tactic of playing both sides against the middle. The Jewish powers that be do not care what sacrifices they have to make in order to achieve their goals. Here we have Jew vs. Christian again. The enemy and the attacks are the driving force to keep the lie alive and thriving. Christianity must now be defended against the Jews. If it is being so viciously attacked, it must be legitimate, right? The truth is, it is all a show before the public and a game of deception. The Jews in power know full well Christianity is a program and a stepping off point to atheism where all spiritual knowledge will be dead and gone from the Gentile populace. There is nowhere for anyone to run.

Now we come to the Gentile Occult Lodges and orders. All of these have been infiltrated and the Jews have control with these as well. With Freemasonry, we have the initiation ritual of the rebuilding the "Temple of Solomon." This again is the second coming of christ and the "messiah." Other major occult groups and lodges are chock full of Hebrew symbols, the Hebrew "aleph bet," Hebrew mysticism and their foul angel and "YHVH" bullshit and if anyone wants to break out of this hideous spiritual prison, there is always Christian Satanism, where the same Jewish filth dictates that we should either worship Satan with living blood sacrifice and evil deeds (the more evil the better) *or* exploit the Goetia and follow the same Jewish teachings where our Gods are heinously blasphemed and degraded. They control it all. The Hebrew letters surrounding the Church of Satan Baphomet, are in truth binding the Baphomet. A circle is a symbol of binding. The Hebrew letters surrounding the outside contain the power.

It is time the Gentiles wake up to the truth and take back our occult power. The Jews can only be defeated through Satan and they know this. This is the reason they have worked so hard and so diligently to keep people away from him at all costs. Fear and dread are used at every turn and the Jewish run Hollywood makes movie after movie about Satan that reinforces the Christian concept of Satan and turns up the volume on terror. On the other hand, movies about the nazarene are quite respectable and if there are ever any movies that portray that character in a negative light, the Jewish run press is quick to jump on this and again, it is Jew vs. Christian for a show before the public, giving the Christian program more credence in the eyes of the deluded Gentiles. In the end, the cloak will drop and the plans are "We had you all along."

Reference: Jesus is a Jew
(This link is very informative)